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COO of Bybit
Aidana Kaskyrbek
Founder of Hayya Venture Studio
Jason Dou
Harvard Blockchain
Co-founder of XueDAO
Web3 Lead of Moledao
Co-founder of ICP.Hub UAE
CEO of Libera
Co-founder of Coineasy
Lily Liu
President at Solana foundation

Care. Create. Change.

At Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA), we believe in the transformative potential of blockchain technology to address some of the most pressing challenges facing our society.

Our alliance serves as a collaborative hub, bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders to collectively explore, innovate and implement blockchain solutions for social good.

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Force for Good

Join our mission to leverage blockchain for global good through our pioneering initiatives.

Together, we’re building a collaborative ecosystem for change.

Global Hackathons

Solving pressing issues together

Web3 Oscar

Honoring achievements in addressing social issue through Web3


Supporting education initiatives such as blockchain research, workshops and more

What BGA can offer


Resources such as mentors, funding, education material, meetup support, venue


Resources such as mentors, funding, connections


Resources such as Web 3.0 consultancy, connections, community activation

Hackathon/ Event organizers

Resources such as funding, community activation, connections

How you can help
Organizer / Builder
Actively contribute to organizing and initiating activities that advance our mission
E.g. running demo days, hackathons, workshops
Be the bridge between partners and valuable resources
E.g. Mentors, speakers, talent pool
Fund BGA initiatives
Invest in impactful solutions

2024 Journey Towards Impact

BGA launch

Launch at Blockchain Life event on 15/4

Launch of “Blockchain for Good” hackathon track at ICP Hack to the Future Hackathon

BGA partner-led initiatives

Blockchain for Good hackathon/demo day tracks

Education, workshops, meetups, others

BGA events

Finale Hackathon

Web3 Oscar

How to Begin Your Journey

Join us on our mission to harness the power of blockchain for positive change

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Once we’ve identified how you can best engage with the alliance, we’ll guide you through the application process. From there, you’ll embark on an exciting journey of collaboration, innovation, and positive impact with like-minded organizations

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1. What is the Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA)?

2. Who can apply for grants or partnership

3. What types of partners/ projects do you support?

4. How does the application process work?

5. What kind of support does BGA offer?

6. Are there any geographical restrictions for applicants?

7. How can partners collaborate with BGA?

8. What are the reporting and accountability requirements for grant recipients?

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